Corn Caps

Carnation Footcare Corn Caps are a clinically proven, all-in-one method to remove painful corns

  • Soft felt ring relieves pressure over the corn with a measured dose of Salicylic Acid to remove the corn
  • One step application
  • Easy to apply
  • A combination of Salicylic Acid paste with a soft felt corn ring helps relieve pressure and pain whilst the corn is treated
  • Available in packs of 5 or 10

The results of the largest ever clinical trial* comparison versus scalpel treatment shows that Carnation Corn Caps:

  • Remove corns more quickly
  • Give greater pain relief
  • Reduce the size of corns more quickly
  • Podiatrists preferred Corn Caps
  • Corns are 60% less likely to reoccur
  • Clinically proven to remove corns within a 10-day treatment period

*Results of a Corn Plaster Evaluation (CoPE) Trial on ‘The long-term effectiveness of 40% salicylic acid plasters on corns’, comparing the application of Carnation Corn Caps and scalpel treatment on 202 patients, carried out between 01.04.2009 – 31.03.2012 by Podiatrists of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Find the research here.

Carnation Corn Caps contain salicylic acid. Always read the pack label

Customer Testimonial

Dear Corn caps staff,
I just wanted to let you know that with the help of your Carnation Corn caps, I have recently been able to remove a very hard, deep-rooted and painful corn from my left little toe which had been making my life pretty miserable for some time. I have now been going around singing (to the tune of Born Free) “Corn free, with Carnation corn caps”.
Just thought I would let you know that your product is marvellous for getting rid of these painful little devils!
Thank you so very much.
Mrs M – now happily “corn-free”


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