Pump Bumps

Victoria Beckham caused a stir recently when she was photographed wearing ‘sensible’ flats instead of her usual skyscraper stilettos. However, she may still be doing damage to her feet in her ballet pumps as flats can pose their own pitfalls such as shortened calf muscles, corns and a new problem, ‘Pump Bumps’, inflammation at the back of the foot caused by ill-fitting flat shoes.

‘Pump bumps’, known as Haglund’s Deformity to podiatrists, affect tissue on the back of the heel. Ill-fitting shoes, particularly those that apply pressure to the back of the heel, can irritate this tissue over time and can cause it to become inflamed. This can then cause swelling and thickening of the tissue, which can be very painful.

Dave Wain, Carnation Footcare podiatrist, says, “Many people think wearing flat shoes, like ballet pumps, is better for your feet than wearing heels, but this is a myth! Very flat shoes can put a strain on the back of the legs and ankles, whereas wearing small heels helps ease that pressure. The ideal height is 1½ inches, which helps to avoid putting strain on the foot.”

Carnation Footcare Tip Toes are also a great way to make sure shoes don’t rub and cause discomfort. Tip Toes Heel Shields and Gel Spots are a great way to keep feet healthy and comfortable and avoid the dreaded Pump Bump!