Heel Pain


One of the most common foot disorders encountered is heel pain. Deep pain in the heel is known as plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the band of tissue that extends from the heel to the toes.


  • Can be a result of bad foot posture and mechanics, caused either by incorrect weight distribution or from wearing ill-fitting shoes and hosiery.
  • As the heel strikes the ground, the shock and pressure of this motion cause aches and pains.


Use Carnation APR Heel Pads for immediate comfort and Carnation Powerstep for correction of posture and realignment of the body.
Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Heel Pads

Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Heel Pads

APR material rebounds to its original thickness in a fraction of a second

  • Self-adhesive backing for firm fixing
  • Can be placed directly into the shoe or used in conjunction with Carnation APR Insoles
One size fits all

Carnation Powerstep

Carnation Powerstep

Used by chiropodists

  • Specifically designed to stabilise and correct alignment
  • Improves foot posture and mechanics, helping to relieve pain and prevent injury
  • Offers an immediate answer to the discomfort caused by heel spurs and relieves arch, knee and back pain
Carnation Powerstep is available in small, medium and large sizes

For more information please visit www.powerstep.co.uk


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